What is the Natural Health Service?

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The Natural Health service is an innovative approach to improving health and wellbeing. It uses our natural environment as a health asset, mindful of the need to use all of the possible resources that we have to help stem our increasing reliance on the healthcare system.

Natural Health Service brings together a wide range of  organisations to deliver a limited range of evidence based products that use the natural environment as the venue for physical activity and products that improve mental health.

The help we can offer

The Natural Health Service provides a single contact point to well-developed services in the natural environment, proven to tackle a range of health and wellbeing issues.

In our area we have a great mix of expert practitioners, with leading edge examples of targeted community led approaches through Natural Choices and from this the development of our Natural Health Service approach.

Together  this is a rich mix. We think it is unique and offer real opportunities to accelerate development and delivery of natural environment based approaches – at a very high quality level, with a flow or research from the delivery and a refinement of delivery from research.